Kfé d'aujourd'hui

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Kfé d'aujourd'hui

Kfé d'aujourd'hui - Brasserie - Paris

This is the heart of the living Aligre area between the covered market (and rated!) Bauveau Saint-Antoine - open daily - and the market Aligre that moved in 2009, well named Coffee Today. Multicolored panels, heated in winter, its glass facades that line the corner of Aligre and Cotte street, welcome tourists and regulars for a quick sandwich, a business lunch or a cocktail . Inside the red brick walls lined with slate suggestions more attractive as each other in a tangy blend decor gives pep to this wine bar. The good mood shifted and this modernity are enhanced by a fully covered on its vertical wall, a scene in black and white fellows counter remaking the world ... This is the Sunday that the atmosphere is in full swing. Customers of the district, but also true of the market, which sometimes come from far away, are used to gather around a toast with a glass of wine or a brunch that comes with the season and mood the chief.

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday

07:00 - 02:00